Which HR aspects should you consider while having an HR audit of your company?

By: admin@kouzelnicek.com On: 2016-10-25

Considering an HR Audit for your business in Australia, or a workplace that recently has undergone a few management changes and implementations can be very fruitful. It can help you assess the affects of all the plans and improvement tactics you have implemented so far and can give you a clear picture of what is going on at each and every level of functioning, either at the management level or at the worker level. Human resources are the backbone of any industry or a business that is currently struggling to gain more exposure in the international or national market. Managing human resources in a well organized manner is also in demand for businesses that already have established rapport in the market.

The most important aspects that have to be targeted in an Audit for human resource management can cover the following areas:

  • Implementation and deployment of latest awards, Employment standards and regulation in the light of National Employment standards.
  • A proper management process for handling complaints and queries from the employees to the management of the company.
  • A clear and easy and transparent hiring process that shows the merit or criteria of selection in the particular organization.
  • It may also include the processes that are involved in the hiring process and how the screening is being done to figure out the best candidates for the organization.
  • Performance checks for the sake of managing employees in a better way.
  • Workplace health and safety measures and its implementations like Workplace insurance and other rules and regulations related to it.
  • The framework through which the employees are selected or terminated on the basis of certain reasons or eligibility criteria.
  • Necessary HR Tools for a better HR management setup.
  • A complete set of guidance showing and guiding about Employer Obligations and Employers Rights an also the rules and regulations governing the employee behavior.

All these aspects should be audited by an Employment Lawyer or an Employment Lawyers committee, so that there is no flaw or loophole to let the serious obligations turn into bigger issues.

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